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Welcome to Global Wizard, the timesaver of international trade. Global Wizard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that includes the modules your company needs to complete Denied Persons Screening, determine International Trade Requirements, and fulfill Import/Export Documentation Requirements for over 200 countries. Our program assists global traders in the generation of import and export documents and completing the trade compliance process.

Designed and updated by global trade experts, and hosted and managed on our secure and reliable dedicated servers, Global Wizard makes international trading easier, faster, and more cost effective for businesses. Since it is based on transaction-based pricing, the system has a rapid payoff and a high return on investment (ROI) for small and large companies alike.

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  • NAFTA, Data, and De Minimis
    It’s now 2018 and we’re back in NAFTA renegotiations. This article from the perspective of FedEx and author Ralph Carter reminds us that the data about a shipment (he uses the word package) is as important as the package itself.† So true! Also, de minimis disparity. Consider all of the... Read more »

  • Markets Tagged for Copyright Piracy and Trademark Counterfeiting
    Late last week the USTR brought forth its Notorious Markets List.† That’s such an awesome word: Notorious. Not quite infamous – notorious. United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has announced the findings of the 2017 Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets, also known as the†Notorious Markets List. The list... Read more »

  • ACE, AES, and PGA requirements for the EPA
    Four three-letter acronymns in one title! Let’s define them: ACE: Automated Commercial Environment – the US government’s platform for data management pertaining to all things import and export. AES: The Automated Export System (now in ACE) – report your export data here for qualifying shipments (typically those > 2500 in... Read more »

  • Export Help
    I found this information†here, which links to Places to Look for Import and Export Help, by the same author and found myself nodding along at the choices.† Follow both links if you’re not familiar.† I’ll give you the bullet points here, too. US Department of State Blog Export Law Blog... Read more »

    We’ve listed NAFTA once for Canada, once for Mexico, and once for the US, perhaps determining you’ll be thrice interested.† It’s like Henry David Thoreau’s quote about happiness: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” Of course, in the interest of simplicity, one simplify suffices, so says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Lest you believe this... Read more »

  • ACE Downtime Procedures/Policy
    The US government’s ACE downtime procedures were featured in†this November article. Additionally, here is the government’s official downtime†information†specifically for AES.  

  • Itís 2018 Ė AES is expecting you to know that
    Happy New Year!† The Census Bureau would like to remind you that on AES filings in ACE, the Estimated Date of Export should definitely be 2018. For those of you who like me are still writing 2017 on your checks, a reminder to be vigilant is welcome. Exciting year ahead... Read more »

  • The US and its Cuba Policy Changes
    And back go we again. Cuba. Sanctions. President Donald Trumpís issuance of a National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba on June 16†signaled a sweeping shift from the Obama-era Cuba policy†that concentrated on ending the USís longstanding sanctions program on Cuba and the... Read more »

  • Global Growth Resources
    As businesses, we all strive for growth, and with that I mean the right kind of growth.† We have to not be clunky in our efforts.† We must plan, and we must measure. Good resources on how to do that are invaluable. The move from domestic to domestic+international sales can... Read more »

  • The ACE Downtime Procedures
    Some link following for you! Customs Now put together a blog post stemming from the mid November ACE outage about said downtime procedures.† We recommend you review the post, found†here. This is mostly helpful for its links to other places of interest. And,†the statement itself. Finally, the official downtime policy... Read more »