Automated Export System

Global Wizard is an AES Direct partner and is fully integrated with the US Automated Export System.

AES filing is mandatory as of 9/30/2008.

AES is the electronic means of filing export data with the US government. Simply enter the data for your shipment, follow the guidelines on each screen for what's required by AES (denoted by the AES logo), and submit the data to AES. Global Wizard provides validation before submission to alert you to anything you might be missing and gives you the opportunity to correct or add the data. This validation is helpful even if your company does not submit its own AES.

Global Wizard AES prompting logos

After filing with AES using Global Wizard, you'll receive an e-mail from AES with the ITN that is assigned by AES.

Learn about Global Wizard's Shipper's Export Declaration. You can still prepare this paper document for use by a freight forwarder or other interested party. It is not acceptable to present to the government as of 9/30/2008.