Shipper's Export Declaration

Filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) with AES - the Automated Export System - is required by US Customs for almost all shipments outbound from the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and US Foreign Trade Zones. It is not required between these countries, and it is typically not required between the United States and Canada. Before exporting, you should check the US Census Bureau's Foreign Trade Statistics website.

The Shipper's Export Declaration is a paper document that the US government accepted for exports up until 10/1/2008. Global Wizard generates the Shipper's Export Declaration for review and also for our customers to provide to their freight forwarders if they decide not to do their own filings to AES.

US government export reporting has two main requirements that govern all Schedule Bs. (Schedule B codes are explained in more detail on the US Census' FAQ page for this subject.) One, product weights must be reported in kilograms. Two, the value for each Schedule B must be shown in US Dollars (and in whole dollars, without cents). Global Wizard allows you to enter your product weights in either pounds or kilograms and your currency as is necessary for your shipment. The program will convert pounds to kilos as necessary and also convert from your chosen currency to US Dollars by means of a conversion factor you supply. You concentrate on your shipping, and we provide the means to generate proper export documents and data.

Select Schedule B
Sometimes companies ship products that require that values for two government-required reporting quantities. Global Wizard can handle this, also, prompting for the values necessary when you enter a Schedule B for a product.

Schedule B example with two units of quantity

Learn about Global Wizard's data integration with AES, the Automated Export System.