Information Guide

Instantly research and review our 100-page encyclopedia of trade terms, definitions, and other useful information. Updated daily by our experienced international trade staff, the Information Guide is sure to provide data pertinent to daily transactions involving banking, commerce, customs, distribution logistics, supply chain management, and transportation.

With the Global Wizard Information Guide, your company gains immediate access to a centralized database of essential trade requirements, an obvious productivity enhancement and cost-effective tool applicable to a worldwide audience.

The Global Wizard Information Guide is comprised of three areas:

  • Information Guide - Exits, Inc. provides an up-to-date, online encyclopedia for importers and exporters.

  • Links - Each country has several web sites, providing access to literally thousands of sites, all within one area of the Global Wizard Information Guide.

  • Templates - Within the Global Information Guide are over 60 Document Templates (PDF) with instructions and the ability to generate a specific document for a "one-time transaction."


Information Guide

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