Security and Privacy

Ever participated in an online auction? Bought a book or CD from one of the major online retailers? Websites that handle large volume in both items sold and customers buying need the best security available and strong underlying application/database architecture. Global Wizard might not be taking your credit card information, but it's built to that level of security.

Many companies - like consumers wary of online commerce - require reassurance that Web-based application service providers (ASPs) securely exchange data and maintain confidentiality of stored information. Proper processes and controls must be in place to provide a stable and secure application framework. You might be one of those companies. Here's your reassurance regarding major data concerns.


Ever opened your mailbox only to find an item belonging to your neighbor two doors down? That feeling you might experience upon finding someone else's mail cannot happen in a business process. Your data needs utmost security.

Global Wizard's data is logically separated by customer. What does this mean? In simplest terms, your shipments and denied persons searches are not available to others outside of the access that you give - at the highest level of each shipment and search, the data belongs to you. If you'd like to grill our technical staff, please Contact Us.

The Global Wizard Security model is separated into groups of screens and single actions. For the screens, each user can either "view" or "edit" a group of screens or have no access at all. Your company doesn't do consolidated shipments? Okay, no one needs the consolidation group. Want to allow your packer or your forwarder to see only completed documents? You can do that.

Actions within Global Wizard each stand alone and have nothing to do with viewing and editing. Close a shipment. Reopen it. Cancel the shipment. Duplicate it. These items can be added to or excluded from user access. For those users who have access to create other users, the security model allows the new users to have exactly the same access or any subset of the creator's access. Getting complicated? Contact Us, and we'd be happy to explain during a Webex demonstration.

And, of course, data input is governed by 256-bit SSL encryption for both the Global Wizard test and production sites.


Tierpoint, our server host, has monitors installed through all its systems to alert any problems with power, routing, and server statuses. In addition every four hours a complete walkthrough of datacenter is performed by a service engineer who systematically inspects all equipment. The diesel generators are fired up weekly, and Tierpoint tests complete fail-over by cutting city power quarterly.

In the event of an outage on one or more of the networks, Tierpoint's routers begin redirecting the traffic across other carriers almost instantly. This process is tested several times a year when these connections are taken down for service.

Expected uptime? Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Maintenance updates are completed during non-business hours.


Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

The Global Wizard application is hosted on our dedicated servers located at Tierpoint. The team at Tierpoint is available 24/7 and ensures exemplary server uptime and monitoring.