Global Wizard Suite of Products

Global Wizard is built to be flexible, and part of this flexibility means allowing customers to choose the components that suit their needs. There are four specific products within Global Wizard, and these can be combined as needed to meet your requirements.

To learn more about the specific Global Wizard products, visit the links below. If you have questions, visit the FAQ page, or feel free to Contact Us.

Global Wizard

Requirements Guide
Shipment Wizard (Document Generation)
Information Guide
Denied Persons Screening

Global Wizard Products

Service, Not Merely Software

How do I install Global Wizard?
Do I need a Web or other server?
How many licenses will we need?
How much will an upgrade cost?

Installing and maintaining software can be a big drain on your time and resources. But with Global Wizard you get Service instead.

As a hosted application, Global Wizard comes to you via your existing desktop computer and web browser, so there is minimal infrastructure cost. We maintain and upgrade the application, so you always get the latest version - without buying any kind of upgrade.