Requirements Guide

Adding a new trade lane? Global Wizard's Requirements Guide contains up-to-date document requirements for shipping to over 200 import countries from over 200 export countries.

This helpful guide allows you to select an export country and instantly receive an updated list of the documents needed from that country to the rest of the countries in the world.

What are the benefits? Your company will have immediate access to:

  • Information about the types of documents that are needed for shipping to a particular country.
  • How many originals and copies are required of each document.
  • Quick, one-time preparation of a document.
  • Any specials alerts and/or notes that may apply to those documents.
  • Complete information about the country, e.g. map, language, population, currency ISO Code, air/sea ports and much more.
  • Web links instantly linking to country government web sites. (Illustration 1004E)
  • Date information for this trade lane was last updated.

You can also configure Requirements Guide to send you an e-mail when a particular trade lane is updated.

Information Guide

Have you ever wished that you could find facts and details about shipping, companies, and trade requirements in one place? Information Guide is that place. It's the perfect companion to the Global Wizard Requirements Guide.

Worldwide Documentation Requirements

Requirements Guide Screens

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