Shipment Wizard - Export Document Generation Software

Data in once. Export documents out. Fast, accurate.

With easy-to-use screens, Shipment Wizard lets you enter and edit complete, detailed information about individual shipments to generate shipment documents. And with the power of data integration, you can skip the initial data entry step and directly access your data.

You can duplicate similar shipments to decrease data entry and changes and store a master list of products and shipping entities to ensure quick, accurate entry.

There's no maintenance for your IT staff. Exits, Inc. hosts and maintains the software and provides it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It's available to any authorized user with an Internet connection a current web browser.

Shipment Wizard is also integrated with the Document Requirements and Denied Persons applications of Global Wizard. For ease in filing the Shipper's Export Declaration (now Electronic Export Information), Shipment Wizard interfaces with the US Government's AES system. For data integration with an ERP or other back-end system, Shipment Wizard offers web services and flat-file parsing options. To learn more, Contact Us.

Shipment Wizard lets you track literally hundreds of pieces of data about each shipment.

  • Shipping Parties - Enter, edit, and retrieve registered parties relevant to your individual shipment. Such parties include Exporter, Bill To, Ultimate Consignee, and more.

  • Transportation - Enter detailed information about the carrier, destination, departure and arrival dates and times.

  • Customs - Store data relevant to individual transactions in Shipment Wizardís dynamic Customs screen, which evaluates the import and export countries and asks for pertinent data elements.

  • Products - Bring information from your master list of products into individual shipments and assign quantities. Modify necessary elements, and place products into their proper packaging.

  • Bank Drafts - Issue the necessary Bank Drafts to facilitate payment.

  • Clauses - Create a library of custom statements to appear on individual documents.

Document Generation Engine

Using the robust Document Generation Engine, Shipment Wizard automatically populates data on the export documents you select, streamlining your export document preparation process.

Global Wizard allows you to view and print required documents, and these can include your corporate logo. You save time because the data on the documents is automatically populated.

The Document Generation Engine contains an extensive and expanding library of dozens of standard documents.

Global Wizard Standard Documents, all Preshipment and most Financial and Commercial documents include client logos.

Shipment Wizard

Shipment Wizard

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