Why Global Wizard?

Five key benefits set Global Wizard apart from other export software products and services, providing focused functionality without sacrificing flexibility. This translates to value.

Provides What You Need

Global Wizard was specifically developed to bridge the gap between small and medium sized companies, typically with fewer than 5,000 shipments per year up to 30,000 shipments per year.

The software contains a regularly updated, robust knowledge base that includes shipping requirements for over 200 countries; a comprehensive database of current denied persons and parties; dozens of shipping documents, and a comprehensive encyclopedia of trade information. Global Wizard ties this information together within the powerful Shipment Wizard application to capture the appropriate product, entity, and shipment information and automatically generate selected documents. If you're shipping from the United States, electronically submit a compliant Shipper's Export Declaration (Electronic Export Information) to U.S. Customs via the Automated Export Service (AES).


As a Web-based product, Global Wizard is Software-as-a-Service and maximizes service and minimizes capital outlay by reducing training, installation, and support expenses. We host and secure the the data. You provide access to your employees and clients as you see fit. There's no limit on the number of users you create, and a user's access to Global Wizard can be constrained to "view only" for a section of pages if needed. Both help desk support and technical staff are available to answer your questions.

The Global Wizard Web-based model provides application access anywhere a computer is connected to the Internet, without the need for and limitation of expensive client-server fat client infrastructure. And we cannot mention enough that there is no need to purchase expensive hardware that'll be soon be outdated. Support for the application and its servers is included, eliminating the need for support from your in-house technical personnel.


Want your logo in the center of your document? We can do that. Want custom warnings or instructions to appear for shipments to a certain customer? Yes, we can do that, too.

Global Wizard offers standard, simple customization by adding your corporate logo to the upper right of most documents. But Global Wizard can be further customized and tailored to integrate with your existing system. You can also be assured that later and greater versions will not interfere with your integration, which is handled by external programs. This is often not the case with desktop systems.

Use What You Pay For (Pay For What You Use)

Ever bought a large, expensive software package to capitalize on a few key features? The rest is often fluff to your company, but you still pay for it.

The Global Wizard model enables each company to benefit from access to the application as needed on a transaction basis. A transaction is a single shipment or a Denied Persons search. For less than the cost of annual software maintenance fees for more expensive, bulky software packages, a company can:

  • Determine international shipping documentation requirements.
  • Screen buyers or sellers for compliance to denied persons regulations, with full recording of conducted searches and their results.
  • Enter, edit, and retrieve shipping and product information.
  • Populate and generate export documents with company logo.
  • E-mail shipment documents to members of your supply chain, eliminating messy faxes and the cost (both in speed and expense) of express couriers.
  • Send compliant Shipper's Export Declaration data to U.S. Customs via AES
  • Refer to trade encyclopedia for information and links to international trade Web sites


What's the speed of an e-mail? Sometimes cross-continent e-mail is faster than walking to the company printer or the next cubicle. It's certainly faster than any other method of reaching your customers in Asia with quotes and shipment documents. Or Europe or Australia. E-mail is the basis for Global Wizard document delivery. Global Wizard stores a record of all e-mails sent, the documents attached, and the recipients included, so you can review what was sent to whom and when.

What's the speed of entering information once and outputting the same information on multiple documents? How about a web service integration that accepts a shipment's data and sends back how to access it in Global Wizard? The answer to the first question requires a quick conversation with us. The answer to the second is, well, between 2 and 5 seconds. It took you longer than that to read this section.
Global Wizard Value

Real Value, Real Benefits

Global Wizard is specially tailored to deliver immediate benefit and ROI.

It does what you need and delivers just the right information and features for small and medium-sized exporters.

Because Global Wizard is a hosted application, you don't pay for hardware, software, upgrades, or development. Just sign up and use it. You pay by how much you use the system.

Global Wizard is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your company can use customized documents, unique company data fields, and we can integrate to your ERP or other back-end systems.

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